Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day 2013

"The American citizen must be made aware that today a relatively small group of people is proclaiming its purposes to be the will of the people.  That elitist approach to government must be repudiated."
William E. Simon (1927-2000)
 Treasury Secretary under President Gerald Ford
These words spoken decades ago still ring true today, particularly as we undergo Obama's Transformational Era.  Government continues to grow in girth and in scandalous behavior.  The scandals in this administration continue unabated.  Aside from Mr. Obama's dubious appointments and their foibles we have been witness to:
  • The GSA "Party On" scandal.
  • The Secret Service "Ladies of the Night" scandal.
  • The Energy Department "Money for Friends in Bankrupt companies" funding scandal.
  • The Agriculture Department "Pigford" scandal.
  • The EPA wasted money scandal.
  • The Benghazi cover up.
  • The IRS targeting scandal.
  • The NSA spying on Americans scandal.
All of this points to one certainty,  GOVERNMENT is big, fat and out of control.  The politicians in Washington, D.C. have created one Obese creature.
It is fair time for all Americans to reflect greatly on how the federal budget has ballooned and our precious liberties have shrunk in this Transformational Era of BIG GOVERNMENT.  It has become most apparent with the rise of what many call the fourth branch of government, the Federal Bureaucracy.  As government grows with its insatiable appetite for its cut of American wealth creation, it creates more rules, regulations and advocates for more laws to justify that growth.  This obese creature propagates itself exponentially all in the name of the will of the people.
This must stop!
No longer is the Republican establishment's approach of slowing the growth of government acceptable.  This is not the way to curtail government spending.  In light of all the recent scandals it is incumbent that actual and significant cuts be made.  Like a consumer that goes shopping, a determination must be made between basic needs and unnecessary desires.
On this Independence Day 2013, Americans must embrace liberty and throw off the shackles of an overbearing government.  Each one of us American citizens should pledge to come up with at least one cut to the federal budget and write our elected representatives in Congress seeking action.
Failure to do so, is to let our children and grandchildren down, further eroding the possibility of a return to a prosperous America.

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